IT Support Services in Canberra

IT Support Services

Pro-active and Ad-hoc IT Support for all your IT requirements.
It backups, disaster management, hardware and software support and much more

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IT Managed Services

Outsourced IT support to assist with all your IT planning, maintenance, security requirements etc. We become your IT Department

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IT Process Automation

Data capturing and database management to improve information flow and productivity.

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IT Cloud Services

Virtualised IT solutions to run your business in the cloud, office solutions, backup and storage solutions, company email solutions and more

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Find out now how our experienced team of professionals can help you get the most out of your IT environment and turn it into a powerful business tool.

OfficePCs is dedicated to providing IT Support to businesses in the Canberra region; improve your efficiency and your bottom line.

When thinking IT Support Services, think OfficePCs and their team of experts to make your technology a strategic investment rather than a constant drain on your time and resources.

OfficePCs offers its services to businesses within the ACT, Canberra Region, and Queanbeyan NSW 2620 areas. If you have any questions for us, visit our contact us page and fill out the form or call us at (02) 6230 3835.

What we do

Brett Byron

Brett Byron

Green Lotus Therapies

I would like to thank Michael and the team from OfficePCs for their ongoing support and high level of professional service.

Over the past year I have need to call on Michael and the team from OfficePCs to sort out a number of issues with the computers at Green Lotus Therapies.

The service and assistance that I have received has always been quick and efficient and professional. Michael and the team at OfficePCs are a pleasure to do business with.

I recently referred a valued client of mine to Michael; she was looking to buy a new PC but did not want to deal with sales people and the pressure sell approach. She wanted someone who would help her with what she wanted without the waffle. She contacted me the next day and was singing the praises of Michael and his team she believed the service she received was fast and efficient and just wonderful.

Thanks you to Michael and the team at OfficePCs for your ongoing support of Green Lotus Therapies and our clients.

I would highly recommend OfficePCs to anyone who is looking for a company that can be relied on to sort computer problems out quickly and efficiently.

Brett Byron

Green Lotus Therapies

Date: Aug 2013

Professional IT Support, Data Protection, and Cloud Services in Canberra

Most (if not all) companies and enterprises now use computers to process and store their valuable data. While computers are generally reliable, that does not mean they are problem-free. The occasional disaster can put computer units out of commission, leaving companies that heavily depend on them powerless, or in worse cases, unable to continue doing business. With profits on the line, companies need to find better ways to secure their data and keep their computers running efficiently, and it all starts with a proper IT support backup and disaster management plan.

OfficePCs is an IT firm that provides IT support data protection services to business clients in Canberra and the nearby areas. These services include setting up a cloud storage system, creating ad-hoc data backups, database management, and outsourced IT support, among others. If your company is serious about having a business continuity plan in place, let us help you lay the groundwork and offer you IT managed services solutions as needed.

OfficePCs: The safest choice for your IT and Continuity Plans

It is our goal to effectively become your enterprise’s IT department. While there are many other IT support companies in the area, we set ourselves apart through our experience and our offerings. We have been in business since 1997, offering businesses in Canberra exceptional IT services. To this day, we still offer the same competency but with newer business systems.

Aside from the usual outsourced IT and data backup services, we also offer cloud services support for those companies interested in harnessing cloud storage. Our experts can help you create and manage a cloud infrastructure that can potentially boost your company’s efficiency. Of the many cloud services companies in the market, we offer comprehensive support services tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

OfficePCs is a certified reseller of Intelledox’s Infiniti process automation platform, which helps enterprises manage their databases for improved customer engagement, lower operational costs, and increased productivity. If you are looking for IT managed services outsourcing solutions, our company is more than up to the challenge.