OfficePCs in a growth cycle

Our aim is to improve our services, our product offerings so that we can provide our clients with the best solutions possible. To date we have joined to following organizations to assist us in our business growth:

HTG Peer Group

HTG logo
  • We have joined forces with a number of our peers to share our industries best practices. Our aim is to learn their best practices as they learn ours. We educate each other and encourage each other to implement these best practices for the benefit of our business and the benefit of our clients.
  • Because HTG peer groups are national in scope, members are not operating in competing markets. The result is an intimate network where the expectation of confidentiality is an underlying facet of the group’s inherent design
  • The HTG peer group experience is a unique forum for technology industry resellers who are serious about implementing a model for success in their own businesses through sharing and collaboration of best practices as:
    • No single company has a monopoly on good ideas

BNI Business Network Referral group

BNI email logo
  • Additionally, to grow our business means that we need to provide best practices to our existing clients so that they happily refer other business to OfficePCs. To this we have joined a BNI (Business Network international) chapter in the ACT – BNI Masterminds.
  • BNI is a business networking organisation with 6,200 active chapters and 150,000 members in 50 countries, it is the most successful business referral organisation of its kind
  • Last year BNI celebrated 15 years of operation in Australia and is a proven strategy to increase business.
  • In 2013 we passed over $1m in business to other members within the Masterminds chapter. If your business could benefit from some of that, contact Michael on 02 6230 3835 to see if you qualify to be part of referral group.

 Your business should be supported by an IT provider that is growing and has the best peer support in the world.