Don’t be Sorry: IT Support Companies can Secure Your Business Data

In this age, it’s not uncommon for businesses to store confidential data in places such as cloud services. Such activity has made complex security procedures all the more vital, though the task is pretty much exclusive for larger, multimillion companies. After all, they’re the ones who have all the money to afford this seeming luxury of security, right?

Wrong. In case it hasn’t been made clear to you, small businesses such as your own are also targets. Why? Compared to the “big boys,” your company isn’t likely to have extremely complex digital security, making it a much easier target. It’s not only the money that cyber crooks are after these days, too. Everything, including customer information and intellectual property, can be illegally used for financial gain.

So how can you protect your enterprise from a debilitating data breach? IT experts believe that shoring up digital defences must always start with the basics—passwords. It is recommended that businesses never stick to a single password when accessing in-house networks and data, so make sure that you and your employees change them regularly. Using the same password for all related accounts is also a no-no.

If you’re keen on acquiring “better armour” so to speak, you can also call on professionals for help. A small business like yours really can’t hope to match the extremely complicated digital security procedures that companies like Sony have, so in place of that, you can simply hire local IT support companies in or around Canberra to do the job for you. Firms such as OfficePCs are more than capable of protecting your digital networks, as they’re aided with enough know-how and experience to boot.

Links in emails are harmless, right? Nope. Even if the email is from a close friend, family member, or colleague, any link contained in it is not necessarily safe to click. This is because hackers are skilled enough to collect email addresses from different networks, and subsequently send you infected emails using them. Always keep everyone in your company up to speed when it comes to clicking links to prevent crooks from breaking in.

Most important of all: back your data up. A cyber-attack can take away both data and money in a single instant, and in the unfortunate event of this happening to your business, a backup will have you covered. Don’t even worry about the costs—data backup services are now affordable by virtue of reliable IT support and data protection firms in Canberra or elsewhere.


4 Ways Your Small Business Can Better Prevent Cyber Crime, Entrepreneur, April 21, 2015


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