Expert IT Managed Services Offers Tips for Common Workplace Problems

The business environment in Canberra and elsewhere is always intense, and even the smallest problems and glitches can cause a huge problem. It can be your PC hanging, the printer not working, or even losing internet connection. These may seem like small problems, but the delay they cause can greatly affect your profit and productivity.

Given the importance of IT in businesses, you’ll find great relief in knowing you can call on experts to help you anytime you have concerns in this area. This doesn’t mean hiring additional manpower, which can strain your budget. You can partner up, instead, with reliable IT managed services like OfficePCs, who will always be around to help you out with your IT needs.

Not all concerns and problems are hard to fix, however. Some may just require simple troubleshooting. Here are a few simple tips on how you can troubleshoot some common system problems:

  • Slow Browser – Before calling for professional help, check first for things that might be slowing your browser down. Look at your tabs: how many do you have open? Close all unnecessary tabs, then check how many applications you have open. Again, close all the unnecessary ones and check if the browser’s good again. If the problem stays the same, it’s time to call for help.
  • Log-in Problems – One of the most common mistakes is leaving the Caps lock on, so check first if the green light is on. For complicated passwords (upper and lower cases, numbers, special characters) try to re-type your password slowly, and also check if you have the right username/account.
  • Deleted Files – If you have accidentally deleted important files, check your recycle bin first and click restore if the files are there. On the unfortunate chance that your recycle bin has been emptied, calmly alert your IT of the problem and stop using your PC. You can still retrieve recently deleted files as long as you don’t use the drive.
  • No Internet Connection – The first thing you need to do is to check if anyone else is having the same problem; if they do, ask for expert IT help. If you’re the only one with the problem, unplug the Ethernet adapter and plug it back in; you may have accidentally pulled on it.

IT services will not only help you overcome these problems as they arise, but more importantly, help you set up IT managed services solutions that can mitigate the effects of such problems. For example, they can set up a data recovery system that will preserve important files and documents in the event that you do lose them from your PC beyond the point of recovery. It’s an investment that you simply cannot overlook.


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