IT Managed Services or Expand Staff Capacity? Here’s the Clincher

Some companies choose to develop and invest in internal capabilities as a means to attaining a larger corporate-shared services organisation. Often, there may be some leverage in the consolidation and standardised processes for serving diverse business segments and locations. Other companies decide to simply outsource, because the experience, expertise, and time & cost-saving features brought to the table by managed service providers are too good to pass up.


Expanding staff capacity would seem the easier of the two models to deploy at the initial stage. Once a company identifies the need for more resources to meet a particular growth initiative or project, it becomes pretty straightforward to add more hands, be they contractors or temporary staff.  Also, staff augmentation allows you to retain control over all personnel and their daily activities, but this could impact organisational performance in terms of the time and cost it would take to train them.

IT managed services outsourcing, on the other hand, includes an offering where a company (client) can outsource the management or operations of its information technology requirements to a qualified external service provider. The most common reason why people overlook managed services as a viable solution is mostly due to concerns on whether their models can match specific targets and objectives.

For some businesses, managed service providers represent a good way to cut costs while quickly coming up to speed. For others, the supposed complexity might override any current or prospective benefits. As such, businesses would need to individually weigh some of these factors to make the right decisions for their respective circumstances.

So what’s the clincher? How about an IT company that does both? Like OfficePCs, an IT managed services expert serving the Canberra, ACT, and Queanbeyan (NSW 2620) regions of Australia, professional IT firms offer everything from back-up and recovery management to systems support and even software deployment and updates—all of which are monitored on a 24/7 basis all year round.

What this means is that such a company can actually serve as your organisation’s IT department or a specialised expanded staff capacity of your existing IT unit. It’s like reaping the benefits from the best of both worlds, for the price of one. Organisations that have been utilising staff capacity expansion as a sourcing strategy might want to take some time to evaluate the realities and possibilities of the burgeoning outsourced managed services market.


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