Reliable IT Support Protects Your PC from Common Malicious Programs

Computers -- one minute they’re working perfectly, and the next you’re staring at a blank page with a virus alert. There are so many viruses and other malicious programs on the Internet today that one wrong click on the wrong site will have you needing emergency IT support.  While there are literally thousands of different viruses out there, they can be classified into different types depending on their origin and purpose, among others. Here are a few of these virus types:

  • Resident Virus – This virus commonly disrupts and corrupts your files and programs. It is a permanent virus that stays in your RAM memory.
  • Overwrite Virus – This is less disruptive than a resident virus, but is just as inconvenient. This virus deletes the information on your files and overwrites itself on it.
  • Directory Virus – This is similar to the overwrite virus, but instead of deleting the file, it simply moves it somewhere else. However, your chances of finding its new path is close to impossible.
  • Stealth Viruses – Having an antivirus scanner may not be enough to stop this virus. They are called stealth viruses because they are able to hide themselves from scanners, while slowly infecting all of your files.
  • Sparse Infectors – You can consider this as upgraded versions of stealth viruses. In order to hide themselves better, they only take into effect when a certain condition is met. For example, the virus only activates every 10th time an infected file is opened, or if a folder starts at a specific letter only. Since the chances of detection are so low, you might not realize that you have this problem until it’s too late.  
  • Worms – Technically speaking they’re not viruses, but they cause just as much trouble and inconvenience. Similar to viruses, they can self-replicate and destroy your files, but are easier to detect.
  • Trojans – Trojans are not considered viruses, but can also damage the system. Fortunately, they do not self-replicate and can easily be removed by a good anti-virus software.

These are only a few examples of the different malicious programs that could disrupt your business’ performance and security. To protect yourself and your operations, hire IT support services like OfficePCs in Canberra, who can set up the right system for your particular needs. Additionally, if you suspect or find that your system has been infected, don’t give up. These tech experts may just have the right solution that could help preserve and recover as much of your data as possible.


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