IT Process Automation

As part of our efforts to provide only the best tools and technologies, OfficePCs is proud offer our clients Infiniti, the leading software solution by Intelledox. The flagship product is a mobile-ready business process digitalisation resource that aids businesses in enhancing customer engagement and reducing operational costs. With this software, small businesses and organisations can increase efficiency while decreasing the paperwork load and red tape.

Infiniti is available on a variety of platforms. Whether on the cloud (Infiniti On Demand) or as an app for mobile devices (Infiniti GO), Infiniti upgrades the way you do business processes.

How can Infiniti improve business processes?

Infiniti consolidates data in a more presentable manner and updates multiple systems simultaneously, making it easier and much simpler to deliver sophisticated business processes in real time. Users of this software solution cut across four continents and utilise it to transform their paper-based processes into the more efficient digital format. It offers a computerised IT process that effectively captures relevant indicators and automates the generation of documents. The generation process is designed to produce just about any type of documentation that your business may need.

The scope of Infiniti is not limited to the alteration of paper forms and manual processes alone; it makes the entire business processes much faster, smoother, and more competent by optimising it and streamlining the necessary variables. This way, you experience ROI faster—sometimes in just months instead of years.

Infiniti’s Automated Tools

To get all these done, Infiniti relies on its arsenal of powerful communication tools

  • Smart web forms
  • Line of business integration
  • Data transformation
  • Document automation

Infiniti is a scalable software product that grows with your business. It offers highly customized outputs in a variety of formats and seamless integration with systems including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and HP TRIM. By eliminating paper forms and optimizing existing processes, Infiniti transforms the way you do business—making it a must-have for organisations in this digital age.

By eliminating paper forms and optimizing existing processes, Infiniti transforms the way you do business.

As your IT Support service provider, OfficePCs has always endeavoured to supply top-notch technology solutions for our clients. We strongly believe in building solid partnerships with you so that we can continue to deliver updated and cost-effective process solutions. Call OfficePCs at (02) 6230-3839 to see how we can help you gain efficiencies in your organisation.