Outsourcing your Business’ IT Support

The Information Technology industry is always evolving, and for small businesses and non-profits, it has become increasingly challenging to keep up with these changes on their own. One way to deal with these changes is through outsourced IT support services.

OfficePCs delivers unrivalled support services to small and medium businesses for all their IT necessities. We strive to keep our clients ahead of the game by equipping them with the latest IT systems and solutions.

When you outsource your IT services and requirements to us, we invariably become your IT department if you have none, or a specialised extension if one already exists. We will deal with the vendors on your behalf, make your IT support services easier to budget for, more effective, and more affordable. We relentlessly work to ensure that your business is running at optimum efficiency.

Support is available in the following options:

DOTS support pack options

  • DOTS Support Starter Pack
    1. Monitoring:
      1. We monitor all your IT components 24 * 7 for:
        1. Hardware health
        2. Software health including antivirus health
    2. Reporting:
      1. The monitoring allows us to report to you daily if and when issues arise that you should be aware. This gives you peace of mind that you know when there are issues that should concern you
    3. Health Reports – Every month we will send you a health report of all the computers in your office environment – sample report
    4. Cost: $10/PC/Month

  • DOTS Enhancement Pack
    1. DOTS Support Starter Pack above
    2. Antivirus – not all antivirus solutions are equal, call us to discuss why our solution is so much better than the alternatives.
    3. Automated Software Updates for Windows, Office and many other common applications
    4. Cost $30/PC/Month

Casual/Ad Hoc Support:

  • Based on the Break/Fix model – when you call, we will provide support to address your requirements

Bulk Hours pre-purchase:

  1. Break/Fix at a reduced charge-out rate as support hours are pre-purchased.
  2. Support hours are purchased prior to requirement and use.
  3. Time used for support will be deducted from the pre-paid support hours total.

All you can eat contract:

  1. Our premium support plan.
  2. A fixed rate is charged for the years complete IT requirements and paid quarterly or monthly.
  3. We provide complete pro-active support for your IT environment through our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool – OfficePCs DOTS – which is installed on our clients IT equipment.
  4. DOTS monitors all activity on the IT equipment 24×7 reporting any issues back to our monitoring centre allowing pro-active rectification of issues prior to them impacting you and your office productivity.

Benefit of all you can eat contract to our clients includes:

  1. IT support costs become a known cost.
  2. This known cost can be added as a budget item when planning for the upcoming years budget.
  3. Maintining support costs is our issue not yours – we need to provide a stable IT environment for you that requires minimal support and we work with you to create this stable environment.

OfficePCs offers services to areas within the ACT, Canberra Region, and Queanbeyan NSW 2620 areas. For further details, please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page and filling out the form or call us at (02) 6230 3835.