Backup and Disaster Recovery

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Server software provides enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery and data protection for Windows servers. ShadowProtect Server software enables us to get your servers back online as quickly as possible to avoid business disruption. No matter where you are in New South Wales, Canberra, or the ACT, our software will ensure that your data remains safe from harm and disaster.

How much data can your company afford to lose (or afford to re-enter)? Eight hours’ worth of data? Two hours’ worth? Even less?

We schedule ShadowProtect Server to continually take incremental backup images (these images record just the changes to the drive since the last backup image). We schedule incremental backup images to happen as often as every 15 minutes, so that your company is never at risk of losing more than a few minutes of data. With our system, you will have a reliable IT support backup and disaster management solution to hand.


What happens when disaster strikes and your server crashes?

Our IT support services provide an assurance that you do not lose anything critical during a crisis. In the event that you have a disaster, your file server crashes and you are unable to work, we are able to:

  1. Boot up from your backup image (using a virtual machine) for a quick temporary fix allowing you and your staff to resume work in a very short amount of time. As we have 15 minute snapshots of your data, we are able to get you running to within a 15 minute window of the server crashing giving you minimal data loss
  2. Restore your backup image to different server hardware or a virtual environment in a matter of minutes

Details – How does it do this?

  1. Install Shadow Protect and associated software onto the backup server
  2. Take a complete image of the file server and store onto a NAS/SAN (a bunch of hard disk drives) connected to the network/server
  3. Every 15 minutes throughout the day, take snapshots of all the changes made on the server and store on the NAS/SAN
  4. End of the day, week and month, consolidate the 15 minute increments into daily images and the daily images into weekly images and weekly into monthly to compress and save on space.
  5. backups are of no use if the building is burgled and you lose your servers and all your backups, so get a copy(ies) off-site. Two methods:
    1. Automate the copy all the daily, weekly and monthly images onto External USB hard disk drives that a staff member removes off site daily, and/or
    2. Use the OfficePCs or StorageCraft cloud based storage facilities
      1. Many clients like the second option as it is more reliable than staff who have to remember, not be sick etc.

If you would like to keep your business up and running, then call the team at OfficePCs on

Ph: 02 6230 3835 or – Now. Our IT services are more than capable of helping you secure your data.

OfficePCs provides IT support and data backup services to clients within the ACT and NSW 2620 areas, particularly those in cities such as Canberra and Queanbeyan. For more information about our services, you may visit our contact us page or call us at (02) 6230 3835 for your questions.