What is DOTS?

DOTS is a small unobtrusive piece of software that allows OfficePCs to monitor and manage your computer systems 24/7.

What does DOTS stand for?

DOTS is an abbreviation of “Digital Online Technical Support”, our logo also happens to be comprised of dots!

What does DOTS mean/do for me as a client?

DOTS enables OfficePCs technicians to remotely monitor and manage your systems:

  • Instant remote support on a higher level to that offered by just TeamViewer.
  • System reports (Resource utilization, Antivirus health, System usability etc)
  • Automation of updates including Windows, Adobe, Java.. (no more popups asking users to install updates).
  • Automatic response to problems before they become problems.

Is there anything else?

DOTS is a state of the art piece of software that most of our competitors just simply can not provide. We have invested countless hours into DOTS to make it the best and will continue this into the future as it definitely provides us with the competitive edge when it comes to providing IT support to our clients.

If you are interested in DOTS and would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us.

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